Sunniva’s Books


Deer-eyed and innocent

 Ignorant beauty queen

You, thief of hearts

Flooder of brains

You, everything

Filler of souls

Let me fight to be

Your everything too


I write books of all sorts as long as they promise depth of character and an unexpected storyline. It’s why I started this section with a poem by the least likely of heroes. You’ll find out more about Ciro Anthony Silveira in August. This man is no master’s degree candidate in English Composition. Neither is he a high-school drop-out or a plumber. No, Ciro is something all together different, and until you get to know him, you’d never guess that he’s capable of writing poems.

I’ve written romantic fiction about angels. A supernatural romance featuring a cat shifter. I also write straight-up new adult college romance, fighter books, rocker stories, and young adult. Basically, I immerse myself in what inspires me in the moment. It’s what works best and creates stories with the potential of having your breath catch.

The books below represent the different genres I write. Click them for more information:

Shattering Halos Front cover
LW Front cover
New Adult College
Walking Heartbreak
Path of Thieves
Young Adult